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Security and protection of private life

Confidentiality and protection of private life

The respect of the right to privacy and the protection of personal information are part of the guiding principles of the Québec Health Record (QHR).

Code of ethics

All health professionals must follow a code of ethics in order to respect their patients’ private lives and to ensure the confidentiality of the information found in the patients’ medical records. The code of ethics applies to every professional working with the Québec Health Record (QHR).

Legal and regulatory framework

The legal and regulatory framework surrounding the QHR provides a set of very strict rules concerning confidentiality and respect of privacy. Penalties and monetary fines will be given to people who break these rules.

In addition, the system keeps record of all the instances when your information is accessed in order to guarantee confidentiality and to permit a course of action in case of infraction.

Control of access rights

Rigorous security measures, such as a security access device, are in place to assure the confidentiality of the information gathered by the QHR. Therefore, before the authorized people may transmit health information which concerns you or be able to consult the QHR they must obtain access rights.

These rules are:

Transmission and consultation ban

The information gathered and kept by the QHR is used by authorized people within the framework of health care delivery or health services. Even with your consent, information concerning you cannot be transmitted to:


During a consultation, a health professional may add to your personal medical file information obtained from the QHR. It is then the confidentiality rules which apply to this file that protect this information. That means, for example, that your doctor cannot give the information to other people without your consent, except in cases provided for by the law.

Person who intervenes and works for an insurer

Any person who works in the health network and who does monitoring or expertise work for an insurer (for example: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST)) is not authorized, while having such a role, to consult the information concerning you that is in the QHR.